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Hot SeatHot Seat

This section is themed ‘open-honest conversation’. Ask anything and I promise to be as candid as possible. Let it flow…….

1. What motivates you to blog?

-mmmnnn, I would say first fear; fear of failing my family, myself,and you, my readers.

– Also leaving a legacy behind, especially in the fashion world, that is; my home country, Africa and beyond.

– Again I owe my readers a sense of loyalty and consistency.

2. Tells me about yourself.

-well, I have said a lot about myself in my about me page, but I will answer your question with pleasure, as you probably know already, my name is Nana Ama Agyeman but I am mostly known as Mhiss Nana by close friends. I come from a large family but nuclear wise I come from a family of 7; that is my parents, my three sisters and my daughter. I graduated in 2015 and I am currently an entrepreneur-in-training at the Meltwater entrepreneurial school of technology Ghana.

3. So what is your fashion style?

-hhmmnn that’s a tough one, I don’t like being defined when it comes to fashion. I don’t have a particular style, fashion is broad, why limit yourself? Depending on my mood, I dress accordingly. I am also not big on accessories as you’ve seen in some of my posts.

4. I would like to advertise on your blog, how do I go about it?

– Please contact me at

5. Who takes your pictures?

-Almost all my pictures are taken by my boyfriend who is a photographer Adonai Photos
6. Who are your favorite designers?
-I can't really say for a fact because I only get to admire them from afar. But I would say D&G, Michael kors, stella McCartney, Alexander wang and chanel.

7. How much time do you spend blogging?
-I spend relatively a lot of time and I don’t really have a definite time or day for blogging because of work and school. But my pictures are taking mostly on weekends and during the day if I can.

8. What motivates you to keep blogging regularly?

-Knowing that I have a lot of supportive readers, I feel a sense of duty to maintain a level of consistency and quality. Also, blogging is a way of showing my personality through style.

9.How do you manage work, school and blogging?
-i must say its not easy, but it is commitment and loyalty that keeps me going. I make time because its what I love and it has a greater purpose, not just to me but to a lot of people.

10. which bloggers do you follow?

– haha; that’s broad but when it comes to fashion, my all time favorites are Agatha of Irony of AshiIamdodos,  Portia of Just Porsh ,Stella of Jadore-Fashion Pauline Kay of the style concession 

Hot Seat

Hot Seat