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Hello family, welcome to my blog. My name (real) is Nana Ama Agyeman but I go by the name Mhiss Nana, which I got from my Indian teaching fellow at my school. I have always loved fashion and funny enough that’s the one thing I’m known for and people trust me with. I come from a long line of fashionistas, mostly because every woman/girl(Oops I forgot my Dad) in my family is a seamstress; from my great-grandma to my daughter. Starting a blog has always being a dream I’ve been fiercely afraid to pursue, and that’s saying a lot coming from someone who prides herself in taking risks.

I started this blog on a whim because my friends kept asking me why everything I do revolves around fashion but have still not contributed to the fashion world. So here I’m, writing, am I still afraid? Hell yeah!!! do I care? Hell No (ok a little) but what’s the point of living if you cannot take risks?

Despite all my fears, I must say I am extremely proud of the person I have become today, after graduating from the university of cape coast with a Bachelors degree in Information Technology, I continued my education as an entrepreneur-in-training at the Meltwater entrepreneurial school of technology where I learnt all about building a world class tech company. I have learned about 4 programming languages so far, done numerous presentations(although I am mostly nervous) and know more in and about business and starting a company in that one year than I have ever done in my entire life.

I started this blog(Mhiss Nana Style) because I follow lots of fashionistas and what I realized is that most of them are rich, so to speak people who can afford the expensive clothes they wear(Mind you, I am not saying that these people waste all their money on clothes). Fashion to me is an art, its creativity at its basic, its combining different colors and fabrics in a way that literally blow minds without draining your pocket to achieve that.

As a child and even till now, I admired clothes so much but my biggest challenge was and is affordability and that’s one of my major reasons that hindered me from starting a blog a long time ago. But something clicked a day before writing this; when I decided to write a blog, and that’s, if I am going to wait till the day I become rich to start a blog, then that day might never come because ultimately human needs are insatiable.

But my dreams and aspirations go way beyond fashion and blogging, and that’s why together with my co-founders, we built Firame Afrik, which is an Online Marketplace that sells authentic handmade African fashion designs made by talented African fashion designers worldwide. Basically we curate unique, classy and luxurious designs made by African Fashion designers to consumers looking to buy authentic African inspired designs. We came up with this product because we realized there is a growing interest in African fashion and its designers, As there’s lots of inspiration to be derived from the continent and a growing desire to be fashionable. Sadly Fashion designers in Africa are often unable to take advantage of this opportunity due to the time it takes to manage an online presence and how to access potential consumers.

I am dating arguably, the most amazing guy on the planet who also happens to be my photographer. Its his support, love and prayers that got me to this level. He also shares my love for fashion in a way that is freaky(talk about kindred spirit).

Here, you will know all about me, not just in fashion but my lifestyle, my fears, my obsessions and most importantly my family.

I am mostly grateful to God, my family including my boyfriend and you…yes you(thought I have forgotten you eh?) for helping me conquer my fears.


Mhiss Nana

All of me

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