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I hope your week is off to a great start! I’m getting excited about the upcoming holidays, so I am preparing a lot of my Holiday outfit ideas to share with you this year.

Talking about the Holiday Season, one fabric that comes up in our minds when deciding on a holiday wear like Christmas outfits and other holiday party outfits is mostly Velvet. Indeed, it is one of the most popular fabrics during the holidays not only because it’s a gorgeous fabric, but it also keeps you warm during the cold season. I am all about dressing festively for the holidays…but also comfortably!

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

Today’s outfit has already been a big hit after a post on Instagram (are you following me?) a few weeks ago. Actually, the entire velvet style has been such a huge hit across the internet that a lot of stores are having trouble keeping it in stock. So whhen I found this dress from Otlyns Klosett, I fell in LOVE! It is the perfect dress to slip into no matter what your holiday plans are and the velvet fabric makes it soft to the touch + comfy enough to spend the whole night in!

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

Velvet comes in various shades and colors but the most popular colors for the holidays has to be green, red, gold, black and white. I’m wearing green because it’s a super gorgeous color that screams “Holidays!” to me. Green may not be my favorite color, but its one color I really adore although it may not seem like it. For me, it is more about the meaning of this color – the color of new beginnings, life, hope. It is just connected with all positive things, isn’t it? They say the human eye sees more shades of green than any other color in the spectrum! You don’t just look at green, you fall into it. It’s mystical and deep and it speaks of luxury, growth, and rebirth. 😉

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

I simply paired the dress with my mint colored pumps and bag to complete the look and that’s it for today, simple and easy. You only need to find the right velvet dress and pair it with your current simple accessories in your closet. Let’s start your holiday off right and make the best out of your holiday outfits this year. 🙂

Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I’ve included a little video we did so don’t forget to hit the play button.

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

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Mhiss Nana


Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style

Photography – Adonai Photos

Makeup – Da_therapizt

Dress – Otlyns Klosett

Hair – Beauty Faculty

Velvety Monday by Mhiss Nana Style