As I look back on this past year, it makes me realize how much I have grown and all of the things that I have accomplished. I’m proud of myself. Each step I take is towards my future. I’ve always been a dreamer and I will continue to do my best to make those dreams come to life.

Today is my BIRTHDAY! by Mhiss Nana Style

Today is my BIRTHDAY! by Mhiss Nana Style

Today is my BIRTHDAY! by Mhiss Nana Style

I wasn’t gonna do a birthday shoot, in fact, I thought I would never do a birthday shoot again. There’s nothing special about it to me considering I’m always in front of the camera and doing photoshoots is my job lol.

Then this handsome young man WhatsApp-ed me asking if I’m gonna do one, I said no because its gonna feel like every other shoot. Then I asked jokingly if he had any plans for me; he said yes! So I gave him the carte blanche.

My photographer asked me if he’s good, I said I don’t know o but I’m willing to try. Then he fell sick and we couldn’t meet to do the measurement so I forgot all about him.

We starting chatting again about a week ago and the birthday shoot came up again but I told him I don’t think its possible looking at the date and the activities in between but he insisted he has a “battalion” that can help so I should relax. I was like OK o 🤷🏾‍♀

I measured myself and sent to him, a few days later he was in my house for fittings and it fitted perfectly, though the measurement I gave him wasn’t that accurate 🤫.

@elocksclothinggh thank you so much for making this possible! Your hands are blessed, indeed. 😘

PS: Want to rock a similar outfit on your birthday? Elock’s clothing has got you sorted!

Today is my BIRTHDAY! by Mhiss Nana Style

Today is my BIRTHDAY! by Mhiss Nana Style

Today is my BIRTHDAY! by Mhiss Nana Style

Not forgetting all the amazing vendors that came together as a team to make my birthday shoot possible and memorable. I can’t thank them all enough but I can tell y’all to please please, please…

✔ Book @Adonai_studios for all your photography/videography needs. We have the biggest and best photo studio in the world! (don’t argue with me, it’s my birthday 😜)

✔ Buy your bridal fans, fascinators, tiaras etc from @marymondz_creationz

✔ Book @da_therapizt for your wedding, red carpet, birthday etc makeup. (Thank me later 😎)

✔ Call @elocksclothinggh to make any outfit you can think of for you.

@hairgurustudio can slay your hair for any and all occasion

✔ And if you’ve not called @beauty_faculty to order your wigs, oh my, you’re missing out big time!

Thanks again guys, ‘preciate. 😘😘😘

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Today is my BIRTHDAY! by Mhiss Nana Style