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Let’s begin with a definition of ball skirts aye. They are exactly what you think they are: a ball gown cut in half lol. My favorites include pockets though.

Allow me to reintroduce you to the ball skirt? It may seem crazy, but trust me; this one piece can add magic and functionality to your social life. Think holiday parties, weddings, and for the very bold, an evening out. As your very own personal stylist, I will prove to you, Dear Reader, it can be done.

Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style

Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style

Of all the items in a woman’s closet, the skirt is one of the most classic and feminine pieces she can turn to for any and every occasion. The skirt can be simple, sweet, sophisticated, subtle, serious, sexy, or show-stopping. You need to chase around your toddler? There’s a skirt for that. Got a black tie gala? There’s a skirt for that. Dressing for success? You guessed it — there’s a skirt for that, too. This versatile piece offers so many fashionable options.

One of the reasons I adore ball skirts is because it is truly functional, fabulous and timeless and they make such a statement! It’s long enough to allow you to wear comfortable shoes or boots. It empowers you to look stunning while keeping you warm.  Because ball gowns are high waist-ed, they show off the smallest part of your frame, so they are flattering for most body types

Another reason I love most about a ball skirt compared to a dress is that you can totally get away with being an outfit repeater (a la Lizzie McGuire.) All you have to do is swap in a different top and voilà, new look! I don’t know about you guys, but I get so sad when I look in my closet and see a dress that I bought for a formal occasion just hanging after only one wear. It’s the worst feeling. If you are going to spend the money on something to wear to a wedding (or any other formal event) you might as well put yourself in a position to get some use out of the item at a later time. Obvious solution: a ball skirt!

Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana StyleNtoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style

Try a ball skirt at a dressy wedding and style it for the season. I often hear women complain about feeling cold in cocktail attire. Try a ball skirt and a long sleeved top like I did, preferably ntoma.  It works well in the warmer months, but still keeps you comfortable for the chilly weather. If this is for an evening event or a wedding, you’ll want to make sure the top is still dressy with less sex appeal. Long sleeves mean you can avoid having to layer a jacket or sweater over top. This is also a way to ensure you are covering your skin for occasions that call for that. Just make sure that you tuck in your top to show off your small rib cage.

Lastly, the ball skirt is big and bold and goes for the gold. This is not your everyday skirt, but a special piece for special occasions. It’s voluminous and grand, and like its name suggests, ready for the ball. It’s great to wear to an event or gala, but its okay to think outside the box with this one and pair it with a Western-style denim top tied in a knot for an unexpected feel. You could wear this to your birthday party or on a stage somewhere because it’s just super fabulous. Hope you enjoy!

Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style

Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style

Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style

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Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style

Photography – Adonai Works

Outfit – Joyceful Kouture

Ntoma X Ball Skirt by Mhiss Nana Style