App Alert: Time to TRESS up Ladies

Not to make you feel bad or anything but if by now you don’t know, haven’t heard of or is not using the hottest, coolest, exciting, near magical app on the planet, hhmmnn then there’s something wrong somewhere.

But not to worry, that’s why yours faithful is here to enlighten you…

Let’s get started!

This trending app is called Tress, which is a mobile app (currently on android only) that serves as a social community for black women around the world to share and discover new hairstyles.

Created by 3 three female software entrepreneurs from Africa. Tress, is a mobile app that helps black women around the world find hair inspiration, high quality stylists and products.

App Alert: Time to TRESS up Ladies

App Alert: Time to TRESS up Ladies

With one of the co-founders Cassandra

App Alert: Time to TRESS up Ladies

With one of the co-founders Cassaddr

With one of the co-founders Cassaddra

The problem

I think every black lady gets frustrated with the lack of information on hairstyles, we often times resort to walking up to total strangers to enquire about their hairstyle and thats exactly what the tress team wants to curb. With tress you easily access information on type of hair used, how much, where to go etc


Its outstanding features are:

  1. Discover new hairstyle – On tress you are exposed to beautiful and trendy hairstyles daily from the people you follow,
  2. Get detailed hairstyle information – As I mentioned earlier, there’s a whole goldmine of information about every hairstyle posted on tress such as salon name and location, products/ hair extension used, price and what the person think of the hair and the hairstylist. It has different categories of hair on the app – dreadlocks, cornrows, weaves, braids…everything.

App Alert: Time to TRESS up Ladies

  1. Engagement – There’s also a like and comment feature that gives you the opportunity to show your love by liking and saying what you think of the hair. Cool right? You also get to connect with like-minded people to share and obtain knowledge.
  2. Giving Back – The tress team knows and value their users, which is a lot to say especially when some developers could care less about who’s using their app or not, they do occasional promos that seek to reward their users- an example is the TressUpForBae valentine promo of which i’m a proud winner…whoop whoop!

App Alert: Time to TRESS up Ladies

If you couldn’t wait and have downloaded already, do look for me with the name @Mhiss_Nana ?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Tress. Have you downloaded it yet? Any first impressions? Are you spreading the word?

Share in the comments below, I’m excited to join the conversation with you!
You can download Tress on just the
Google Play store for now.

Tress social media accounts:


Instagram: @tress_app

Twitter: @tress_app



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